4 Things To Consider When Expanding A Business

Running a business successfully is not easy. Businesses thrive to increase their customer base and efficiency for the ultimate reward: profit. In order for this to happen, businesses may think it is as simple as “scaling up” their operation. In fact, this is not always the case. Company owners need to adopt new and unique strategies in order to be able to expand. Here are four important things to considerations:
New Marketing
A business may have had huge amounts of… Read the rest

What is a Cash Flow Statement?

A cash flow statement is a document that shows the general handling of cash in the company. This financial report does not depict profits or losses, but rather tracks the company’s flow of cash. This type of statement features complete transactions, from the opening balance to the smallest changes in the balance sheets.

This statement serves as an excellent analytical tool, making it an important asset when applying for business credit loans. A positive trend in the cash flow statement… Read the rest

What is a Business Line of Credit?

A business line of credit is an important development that many banks have implemented in recent years. This concept takes the whole loaning procedure to a different level altogether. This is a scheme of sorts that make it possible to borrow some amount of money in form of credit from the bank, any time one wants. Businesses with a line of credit can borrow up to a preset limit, known as the line of credit.

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Why Would a New Business Fail?

Many people come up with promising new ideas for a business but are unable to keep the venture running for a long time. While some ideas are simply not good, others may have a huge potential, but even so their owners are not able to sustain the business. The following are three big reasons why a new business would fail:

Inability to Plan
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Make Effective Use of Workplace Communication

Effective communication at the workplace ensures a healthy relationship among colleagues and peers. Communication is the exchange of information through different means such as internet, telephone, signals, etc. As communication is vital to the development of a meaningful relationship, it should be ongoing and improve with the passage of time.

Workplace communication relates to co-workers, suppliers, bosses, customers and, of course, ourselves. It is important to effectively create, cultivate and expand personal and business relationships. Many people have the… Read the rest

Customer Retention – An Essential Element in Any Organization

It is very important to have good clients and nurture healthy relationships with them. Due to the growing costs of running a business, it is becoming more and more difficult to formulate and implement strategies to generate new business. An organization’s sales training must include customer retention. A company’s profits (specifically companies in the service sector) can be increased by 100% if it is capable of retaining only 5% of its customers.

Customers are the backbone of the service… Read the rest